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​Scenic Blue

Cape Neddick Light, Maine, US 1A.  After his day on the Allison E, Heat-Moon headed south on US 1 (BH 357).New Mexico Route 146, north of Hachita.  In 1978 when Heat-Moon headed down this road, it was still New Mexico 81 (BH 155-56).Pamlico Sound in North Carolina, on Route 306.  Heat-Moon observed, “because of the Pamlico Sound . . . North Carolina has more water surface than all but two other contiguous states” (BH 65).Burnham School, five miles east of Kremlin, Montana, just off US 2 (BH 270).Sundown on Emerald Isle, North Carolina, on Route 58.  We are about forty miles off the Blue Highways path – it was the pull of the tide (BH 66).Crater Lake and Wizard Island on Mt. Mazama, just miles off Oregon Route 62 (BH 218).
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