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Bob Holliston, Alba Bartholomew, and Garland Wyatt in the alfalfa field near Pitt, Washington, on Route 142 (photograph by Heat-Moon, 1978, BLUE HIGHWAYS, courtesy of Heat-Moon and Little, Brown and Company) (BH 233-38)Bob Holliston, 2007 (BH 233-38)Alba Bartholomew, 2007 (BH 233-38)Garland Wyatt, 2007 (BH 233-38)Ghost Dancing, Heat-Moon's 1975 Ford Econoline van -- his "wheel estate," as one mechanic called it (BH 8)Photograph of Heat-Moon and his father for an article in FORD TIMES, photograph by Heat-Moon, 1983 Brother Patrick Duffy at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, Georgia (photograph by Heat-Moon, 1978, BLUE HIGHWAYS, courtesy of Heat-Moon and Little, Brown and Company) (BH 78-88)Father Patrick Duffy in front of the Anton Chico Mission, San Jose Parish, Anton Chico, New Mexico, Route 451 (BH 78-88)The first page of the BLUE HIGHWAYS logbook.  Compare this page with Blue Highways (BH 4) to see how one became the other.
  The endearing characters Heat-Moon met along the way were a greater challenge to find nearly thirty years later, but we were able to track down eleven of the individuals still living. We bring the reader up to date on most of the characters, and in Blue Highways Revisited we have side-by-side photographs of the individuals we found—Heat-Moon’s photograph of 1978 and ours almost three decades later.
  The references to page numbers (BH ##) throughout Blue Highways Revisited match the numbers in the original book and the current printings -- including the new Thirtieth Anniversary Edition of Blue Highways to be released in late 2012 -- so you can easily locate a passage and compare Heat-Moon's verbal imagery with our photographs taken some thirty years later.